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WorkshopsIf you wish to learn African Drumming and Dancing, you are on the right page!


Because Sunday Ali is the best teacher of African Drumming and Dancing, originally from Nigeria.

Whether you were born with rhythm or you have two left feet, you will definitely enjoy our Drum&Dance classes with Sunday Ali and his team, because it will benefit you a lot. Why? Here are valid reasons:

  • Drum&Dance classes make you happy
  • Include deep relaxation
  • Help control chronic pain
  • Boot your immune system
  • Create a sense of connectedness
  • Align your body and mind with the natural world
  • Provide a way to access a higher power
  • Release negative feelings
  • Put you in the present moment
  • Allow for personal transformation

Sunday Ali offers drum and dance workshops that are tailored for different groups, including; playgroups, early learning centres, schools (kindergarten to year 12), school holiday programs, universities, aged care centres.

If you would like to join in on our next drum class, please contact Sunday Ali now!

Book now online!

Our workshops are for up to 20 people and all African drums and musical instruments to make our workshops amazing! On ordering, you can add additional people beyond 20.  Once all is confirmed, you will recieve a booking confirmation by email. For any questions, please send us a message on our contact page.

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