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Christmas Party - Sunday Ali - Best African Entertainer in Australia
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African Christmas Festival by

Sunday Ali!

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Ho-ho-ho! Christmas is just around the corner! What is more, our magic Santa Sunday Ali is looking for young Tribe members to celebrate African Christmas Festival together in Australia!

Special African Christmas Festival for Children and their parents by Sunday Ali is something you have never experienced before in your life.

African Christmas Festival is a stream of activities and emotions straight away from bright and wild Africa. Together with Santa kids will play musical games, sing Christmas songs, play drums and prepare themselves creative costumes for African Christmas Festival. Together they will try to reveal the mysteries of an ancient african tribe in an amusing quiz. But it’s not the end! Children will have a lot of fun taking part in Santa’s Flash Mob Dance competition with christmas gifts and sweet presents. Interactive, unforgettable and fun for the whole family!

Sunday Ali knows what children like! Christmas is only once a year, so present your kids with unforgettable memories and emotions at African Christmas Festival by Sunday Ali.

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