The Abyssinian

Authentic Ethiopian and Eritrean Dining in The Abyssinian Restaurant.

An authentic social, cultural, and culinary experience from one of the oldest cultures in the world.

We cook our food slow over hours, using a complex mixture of African ingredients and a delicate dance of traditional cooking styles. In fact, the techniques for our foods have been passed down for thousands of years.

We encourage you to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, with African music, ethnic decor, and a warm welcome – reflecting the culture of Ethiopia and Eritrea.

Choose to eat with cutlery, or engage yourself in the experience and, certainly, enjoy your meal with your hands.

We are deeply respectful of all ingredients and these traditions help make the most out of the meats in our dishes. Great vegetarian options are also available. Additionally, we offer large selection of alcoholic beverages, including traditional Ethiopian and Eritrean beers.

Don’t forget – our friendly staff are always there to offer advice and recommendations!

Finally, we welcome you to share in the rich cultural traditions of the horn of Africa, and enjoy this truly special social and culinary experience.

The Abyssinian

Address: 277 Racecourse Road Мельбурн

Contact: +61 3 9376 8754


Saturday 5:30pm–10pm
Sunday Closed
Monday 5:30pm–10pm
Tuesday 5:30pm–10pm
Wednesday 5:30pm–10pm
Thursday 5:30pm–10pm
Friday 5:30pm–10pm

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