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Mesob is a traditional Ethiopian restaurant in High Street, Northcote, Melbourne, serving fresh, beautiful, food with only the best Ethiopian and Australian ingredients.

The Amharic word Mesob means ‘breadbasket.’  It is the place where Ethiopians keep our injera, our traditional flat bread on which we serve our beautiful stews.

But more importantly, the Mesob is round and as we sit around it at mealtimes, it signifies the communal eating.  It makes Ethiopian meals so important culturally and socially. Whether it’s date night or a big group celebration, eating at Mesob is a time to catch up and connect around the table.

We designed Mesob’s menu to share.  Also, we encourage (though it’s not compulsory) to eat with your hands just like you’re at a café in Addis Ababa and you can wash it all down with an Ethiopian beer, Tej, just like the locals do!

We make our injera with special organic Teff flour, a whole, gluten-free grain with significant nutritional benefit. Moreover, half the menu is vegan – ensuring everyone is catered for.

We cook fresh food every day and it is truly authentic. Each of Mesob’s dishes has a unique flavor. The berbere – a spice mix used in many Ethiopian dishes – is made by the chef’s family in Ethiopia.

All in all, eating at Mesob isn’t just about delicious food. Even more, we also aim to allow you a cultural experience with traditional art, African music and primarily African staff.  They can answer any questions about the menu, wearing traditional clothes, made with love from delicate hand woven cotton.



Address: 213 High St Northcote, Victoria, Australia

Contact: +61 3 9489 6952


Saturday 17:30pm–22am
Sunday 17:30pm–22am
Monday Closed
Tuesday 17:30pm–22am
Wednesday 17:30pm–22am
Thursday 17:30pm–22am
Friday 17:30pm–22am


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