The Horn African Cafe and Restaurant

The Horn African Cafe and Restaurant serves a full range of traditional Ethiopian Cuisine. It specializes in Gluten Free meals and Gluten Free INJERA Vegan and Vegetarian option.

At The Horn they are bringing back “the day of the host.” These guys are amazing not only do you see them working on the floor in the kitchen, behind the bar or even building the venue but also up on stage singing, playing, dancing and generally just bringing the whole thing together as one.

An ideal place for all ages, because we have unique entertaining areas and can have a live band partying out in our “OPEN AIR” beer garden and a formal sit down meal in the restaurant area all with out interfering with each other.

Come and check out our “AFRICAN BEER HOUSE” as well. It is fully stocked with an extensive range of high quality African beers and exotic cocktails

The Horn African Cafe and Restaurant

Contact: (03) 9417 4670

Saturday 12PM–1AM
Sunday 12PM–1AM
Monday 12PM–1AM
Tuesday 12PM–1AM
Wednesday 12PM–1AM
Thursday 12PM–1AM
Friday 12PM–1AM

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