Nyala African Restaurant

Nyala African Restaurant prepares a range of African tastes, specializing in Ethiopian dishes.

Cauliflower won’t be the same again once you’ve tried abeba goman (it’s steamed, soaked in egg and deep fried). A kuku na nazi dish of chicken and coconut curry represent Kenya as well as futari, a mixed vegie dish cooked with spices, coconut milk and injera represent Tanzania.

Desserts include an East African favorite – certainly, it is banana, brown sugar, cream cheese and lightly baked cinnamon.

And finally, an Ethiopian coffee or mint tea should complete the experience.

Nyala African Restaurant


Address: Level 1, 356 Brunswick St Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3065

Contact: +61 3 9419 9128


Sunday 6–11PM
Monday 6–11PM
Tuesday 6–11PM
Wednesday 6–11PM
Thursday 6–11PM
Friday 6–11PM
Saturday 6–11PM

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