JAMBO Bar and Cafe

JAMBO Bar and Cafe is the newest stylish African bar with delicious food and live music.

In fact, the mouth watering vegetarian combo and fried lamb are the talk of town.

In the heart of Melbourne, Jambo Bar & Cafe is jazzing things up over on Footscray’s Barkly Street. A music venue, cafe and hangout spot all in one, this friendly establishment surely is a favorite in the local community, and draws in a mix of music lovers, foodies and workers from all over the city.

Many visit this cafe for the East African food, while others visit for the delicious draft beer and the incredible live music (any excuse is a good one!). Here you’ll enjoy a number of different Ethiopian – both with meat and vegetarian – stews. Certainly, all will n=be perfectly soaked up by some delicious injera, a flat sourdough-style bread.

The relaxed vibes and cool atmosphere make it tough to leave, but you can always come back often – with opening hours from midday until late seven days a week, you’ll have plenty of chances to swing by! Be sure to book ahead to secure a table.


JAMBO Bar and Cafe


Address: 195 Barkly st footscray Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3011

Contact: +61 3 9687 7856


Saturday 12PM–1AM
Sunday 12PM–1AM
Monday 12PM–1AM
Tuesday 12PM–1AM
Wednesday 12PM–1AM
Thursday 12PM–1AM
Friday 12PM–1AM

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