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African Culture

African Culture


African CultureChildren from Naracoorte North Kindergarten and Naracoorte Early Learning Centre had a chance to know about African Culture many interesting things.

All in all, they made traditional bracelet, learned to haul the shopping home even carry a baby – all African style – with a recent visit from the dynamic Jambo Africa group.

Three talented Africans took their unique cultural workshop to Naracoorte North Kindergarten and Naracoorte Early Learning Centre

Powerful, soul-strengthening  music resonated from the centres as the trio got kids moving and grooving to the beat of their drums and other traditional African instruments.

Jambo Africa members all grew up in small traditional villages in West Africa. They related real-life stories about growing up in a world completely different to Australia.

Their tribal upbringing centres on strong families and communities, which help children to develop a feeling of belonging and worth.

They showed children how Africans carried their shopping and their babies. After brought beads for them to make their own traditional bracelets.

ELC director Felicity Jenke said the session taught the children a lot about African Culture. They knew nothing of, while having a great time.

“Obviously, they loved it, they thought it was great,” she said.

Also, Jambo Africa has visited several other SE towns in recent weeks.

Naracoorte Herald Thursday 26 April 2007

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