Taste of Nigeria

Taste of Nigeria


Taste of Nigeria is an ethnic festival of food, wine and music, shows how far our culture has advanced from the early days of salt meat and damper.

Taste of NigeriaSunday Ali is typical of Gold Coasters ready to transplant their original traditions to a new home.

Born in the small Nigerian township of Okpo, he now spends his time drumming and dancing at Dreamworld. Also, he visits  schools and kindergartens to initiate students into African customs.

For Australia Day tasting he will provide a traditional dish of fufu as well as rounded patties made from pounded yarn and served with a vegetable-and-fruit soup.

Sunday’s son Cush, a two-year-old Aussie born at the Gold Coast Hospital, is a child of two worlds.


Gold Coast Bulletin Monday, 5 January 2004

Taste of Nigeria


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